SAT Math Tutoring

Are you still annoyed that the SAT quantitative problems blank your brain? Mathematics skills are obviously not that difficult, but the problem description is always too long.

Coach Candice provides a personalised study packages and 24-hour online Q&A.

The class will show you how to disassemble difficult sentences and quickly grasp the key points of the topic. You can pop up questions whenever you want, Coach Candice is your personal instructor.

Highlights of the course:

  1. Establish basic concepts based on 4 handouts: Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Word problems
  2. OG Practicing on the mastery to the exam questions.
  3. The latest North America + Asia-Pacific previous exam exercise (the whole process will be recorded and reviewed in Excel)
  4. Additional special subject exercise + Time pressure management training
  5. Pre-exam psychological and tactical discussion

Suitable for:

Those SAT quantitative level between 600-650 during the formal test, and wish to get 750 scores or more.

Have not learned enough in a big class and wanted a one-on-one exquisite coach.

Class time:

One-month basic concept establishment (twice a week for 2 hours)

1-1.5 months of questions scanning and thematic exercises (twice a week for 1-1.5 hours)

The entire course lasts for 2-3 months and the hours range from 25-40 hours

(The length of the course is customised to the level of different students, and the teacher will evaluate the level of the students after “online consultation “.)

(Online private tutor costs between $60-$90/hour).