Kevin Lee | GRE/GMAT/IELTS Verbal Tutor

Coaching achievements:

Assist GRE Verbal & AWA students to get high scores and enter the top 100 university in the world.

Rich experience in GRE Verbal & AWA teaching.

Served as a teacher of the Taipei City University’s Higher Education Deep Cultivation Project, and helped correct the English composition of college students.

What Kevin Lee help you with?

Through practice on GRE Verbal & AWA self-compiled handouts, organize tips to get high scores and speed up the answer.

Analyze GRE Verbal & AWA question types, help the student to summarise various exam methods systematically.

Provide previous GRE Verbal & AWA exam questions, and increase practice by solving the problems.

A complete GRE Verbal & AWA teaching experience helps solve various difficult problems.

Who is Kevin Lee?

Kevin Lee has more than 12 years of English teaching qualifications. Through years of teaching experience, he pointed out the blind spots of GRE Verbal & AWA students, and through structural logical analysis, he proposed a method to solve the problem. This leads student to become familiar with the problem-solving situational thinking.

Professional experiences:

Master of Political Science, State University of New York, Buffalo Campus (Research Strategic Planning and Media Marketing)

Director Lecturer of GRE Verbal & AWA at a well-known cram school

Special experiences:

International Certification

  • Educational Testing Service (ETS) TOEFL Test Center Administrator Certification exam certification, serving as TOEFL invigilator
  • British ALAP English Teaching Certification (TEFL Certificate)
  • Certified Qualified Lecturer of City College Plymouth, University Preparatory Course (Business) in:


Organisation Behaviour


Business Finance

Managing Knowledge and Information

Business English

International exam

  • SAT Lecturer in bilingual class at Ger-Jyh Senior High School
  • IELTS Lecturer in bilingual class at Ger-Jyh Senior High School, assisting students to get in to the University of Sheffield (the same level as National Taiwan University), the 78th place in the 2020QS world ranking.
  • English logic lecturer at the CEU Valencia University of Herrera Medical School BMAT

IUNE Spanish Academic Achievement Medical 5th Class

  •  English logic lecturer for the entrance examination of UCSC Catholic University of Sacred Heart University School of Medicine Rank 12 in Italy
  • English logic lecturer for the entrance examination of University of San Rafael School of Medicine, UniSR, Italy

What Kevin Lee wants to say to students:

Through in-depth and simple teaching method, students can easily understand and absorb new knowledge.