Cecilia Shi | GMAT/GRE/SAT Math Tutor

Coaching achievements:

  1. The mathematics level of many high school students has risen steadily from the middle level to the top three in the class.
  2. Junior high school student who have failed the math exam then eventually go full marks.
  3. To provide students with study advice to apply for the top universities in Taiwan.

 What can Cecilia Shi help you with?

  1. Personalised students’ math class schedule
  2. Handouts are customised according to the different examination needs of students.
  3. Create exclusive homework to strengthen the students’ learning weaknesses

Who is Cecilia Shi?

Cecilia has been teaching students from high school teenagers to adults for over 10 years. During teaching, she can make math a simple thing to understand. She’s often got great feedbacks such like students having massive progress from their school exam to college entrance examination. Along with a math bachelor degree, Cecilia has been professionally trained to teach students from all background.

Growing up in Taiwan and studying abroad in the U.K., Cecilia enjoys travelling east and west and trying all sorts of exotic food with friends. Her favorite place is London and her favorite foods are seafood from Amsterdam!

Professional experiences:

Current one-on-one mathematics coach

Master’s degree at Birkbeck, University of London Management and Finance

Kaohsiung Normal University, Department of Mathematics

Special experiences:

  1. GCSE, A-level math coaching experience
  2. SAT/GMAT/GRE math coaching experience
  3. Over 8 years of experience in mathematics teaching in well-knownpublic and private schools, knows the mathematics courses like the back of her hand.

What Cecilia Shi wants to say to students:

Seek Cecilia to “awaken your inner motivation in mathematics”