Project Description

For those who wish to study in business school abroad, how to choose between GMAT coaching class and cram school?

If you are a student who is about to apply for MBA in business school abroad, Coach Candice will share some successful cases. How to prepare for the GMAT and why they chose one-on-one GMAT online session.

Many of the students have the experiences study in cram school before they came to Coach Candice. Of course, cram school can also provide study materials and directions. But in many cases, there are not enough Q&A time for one coach to answer every students’ questions.

For those students who have already made up to the GMAT classes before, why would they want to come to Coach Candice? There are mainly going through the following situations:

  1. The student’s quantitative level or verbal level is relatively poor:

Most students with poor quantitative level suffer from mathematical anxiety. People who have been working for several years often have forgotten what they learned in school. Students in this situation should very patiently guided, start by learning the most basic concepts to improve self-confidence.

  • The level of students is pretty good, but hope to take it to a new level, especially those who want to apply to a well-known and highly competitive business school:

Some students have 600+ GMAT scores but they have high self-demand to get 700+ scores or more. It is not difficult to progress from 500 to 600 scores but to from 600 to 700 scores, they must clarify the problems in the past learning and conduct a comprehensive review through one-on-one sessions. To strengthen the concept of learning, the GMAT coaching class is the best choice for them.

Coach Candice’s one-on-one online sessions also cater to busy professionals who juggle work and home schedules with the additional desire to further their educational achievement. Save your time from transportation for your GMAT exam.

To compare between Coach Candice GMAT online session and large-scale cram school:

Coach Candice GMAT online sessionLarge-scale Cram School
Personalised one-on-one coaching (Customised learning planning)The tuition is relatively cheap, but the coaches are unable to answer questions one-on-one
Four volumes of self-compiled textbooksProvide four basic handouts
Review schedule planningStudents need to find answers online
Provides the exercise module and reference materialsClass time is fixed and has little flexibility
Flexible class hours 
Ask questions immediately when you encounter problems 
Provids problem-solving skills and strategies 
JJ past examination paper before sprint phase 
Give the maximum of companionship and encouragement 
ESR professional report and analysis