Project Description

Grace GaoExpert of English Teaching and Interpreting

Grace teacher photo

Coaching achievements:

Grace Gao has more than ten years of experience and she had taught more than one thousand students. Countless students who have reached the standard close to full marks within three months of study. The course is designed for students to overcome the pain of studying abroad exam and the process of preparing application documents.

What can Grace Gao help you with?

  1. Grace Gao is very good at customising courses and teaching plans according to the level of the students to meet the standards.
  2. Grace Gao is also familiar with the academic writing structure. British and American English, which is different from the Taiwanese template formats.
  3. As an interpreter and translator, the examiner is amazed by the accuracy of her oral and writing skill.
  4. Grace Gao’s self-compiled handouts integrate all the main contents to help accurately absorb exam skills.
  5. The online problem-solving service is open 24 hours a day, all the questions that students may ask will be answered at anytime, anywhere.

Who is Grace Gao?

Grace is a San Francisco-based academic coach with a passion for knowledge, having taught and tutored in a wide variety of academic subjects, standardized tests and study skills. Moreover, She has gained experience in all types of settings– from one-on-one to small group environments or even over 500-people class settings. Over the past 15 more years, she has honed her understanding of many academic subjects (all forms of writing, all levels of English classes) and test prep strategies (including making tests like IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and GRE Writing).

She has special experience working with students who have different learning profiles or preferred learning styles. On the other hand, she also specializes in students who are otherwise very high-achieving but face challenges with executive functioning, organization or motivation. She loves sharing tips, tricks and strategies from her toolkit of learning, tailored toward each client’s needs so that they can internalize the skills to improve going forward (in addition to merely crossing a finish line or attaining an immediate result).

Professional experiences:

Graduated from the University of Leicester in the U. K. with a master degree in English Teaching.

She also studied in the U. S. during and has a great understanding of British and American accent.

She has taught TOEFL, IELTS and GRE writing in Taiwanese Adult American top cram school for seven years. After 2016, she moved to San Francisco and taught English in distance learning for four years.

She also served as an interpreter and translator for exhibition for a technology company in San Francisco Bay Area and helped students studying abroad prepare application documents.

Special experiences:

She served as a first-tier teacher in a well-known high school English tuition class, with about 300-400 students in each class. She has a profound grammatical interpretation skill, able to interpret long and complex texts in a way that conforms to the logic of Taiwanese students. She has full marks in oral IELTS writing and a TOEFL 116 scores. Sharing tips with students by taking regular exams.

What Grace Gao wants to say to students:

Grace Gao will be responsible for the future of your English!