GMAT verbal 專業家教|Clemens老師

About me:

I grew up in Austria and completed an exchange year in Michigan, USA during high school. Thereafter I studied Economics and International Affairs and Governance in the United Kingdom and Switzerland. During this time, I have worked in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and in the UK. Besides working and studying, I really enjoy making music (I play the guitar and the piano) and I spend a lot of time on the tennis court in the summer and skiing in the Austrian alps in the winter season.


Ever since graduating from high school, I have really enjoyed tutoring other students. I started my own tutoring business in 2012 and have completed more than 2000 hours of tutoring over the past nine years. Currently, I teach:

  • Mathematics (high school, IB, university-level and GMAT Quant Section)
  • German (German is my native language, I also teach German as a foreign language)
  • English (high school, IB, university-level, TOEFL and GMAT Verbal Section; English as a foreign language)
  • French (high school, IB, French as a foreign language)
  • Economics (high school, IB and university-level)
  • Management (high school, IB and university-level)
  • Proofreading and academic writing in English and German

How can I help you prepare for the GMAT?

Over the years, I have developed and continuously improved my own summaries for each question type in the GMAT. Besides my own material, I use the GMAT Official Guides, since I have made the experience that only using the best material is critical for an effective GMAT preparation. It is also important to realize that the GMAT is a logic test under time pressure, which means that the test-taking strategy and time management are hugely important in order to succeed. Besides reviewing grammar and essential vocabulary, I break down the question types with my students and develop an effective strategy to identify the correct answer.

GMAT tutoring achievements:

When I took the GMAT myself, I performed particularly well in the Verbal part (V41, 94th percentile). Since then, I have helped numerous students prepare for the GMAT and my students have achieved scores over 700 in their first exam after taking lessons for 2-3 months. This has enabled them to get into some of the top Master’s programs and MBAs worldwide – like for example the MBA program at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland and HEC in Paris.  

In the Verbal part, many of my students have been able to quickly improve their scores from below V30 to V39 and above even above V40. They have been able to achieve such significant improvements by reviewing the most important grammar concepts and vocabulary, learning and practicing how to analyze arguments and, most importantly, learning effective strategies to answer each question type. I have a lot of experience with explaining complex concepts in such a way that they are easy to understand with motivating students so that they end up enjoying their GMAT preparation.

Academic Background/Qualifications:

M. A. Economics, University of St. Andrews, United Kingdom (summa cum laude)
M. A. International Affairs and Governance, University of St. Gallen (HSG), Switzerland (current student)
English: Exchange year in the USA, lived in the UK for four years, Masters in English
French: French Program at the University of Perpignan, DALF C1 Certificate