Stefano Chen|GMAT Verbal & Finance Tutorruiweichen

Coaching achievements:

English teacher at Liu Yi English Educational Institute

Mr. Chen has obtained more than 95% of teaching satisfaction evaluation from the students.

English Coach of study aboard exam

National Taiwan University (IELTS, 8 scores in mock test)

National Taiwan University (TOEFL iBt, 105 scores after taking three months classes)

National Taiwan University (TOEIC, 925 and 990 scores after taking three months classes)

National Taiwan University (GRE, GMAT, GRE 315 scores in the first exam)

Coach of Finance and Business School

Cass Business School (Financial Management, Corporate Finance, Corporate mergers and acquisitions)

HKUST, and NYU STERN (Financial Management, Investment, Accounting)

National Taiwan University EMBA (corporate finance and financial management, corporate mergers and acquisitions, corporate management issues)

National Taiwan University (Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Industry-related Thesis, Thesis Index Selection and Application)

National Taiwan University (Economics, Statistics, Quantitative Analysis, Basic Accounting, Intermediate Accounting)

National Taipei University (Investment, Financial Statement Analysis)

People who work in the financial industry (The Economist guided reading and related analysis, financial theory).

What can Stefano Chen help you with?                  

Stefano Chen is passionate about tuition and has also received large-scale tuition training. He can clearly explain the course to students to motivate them to learn actively and make them progress.

In addition, he also has rich experience in employment and overseas examinations.

Who is Stefano Chen?

Stefano Chen has been coaching for eight years and has extensive experience in teaching GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and financial management.

Mr. Stefano won the school champion of Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School English Composition Competition for two consecutive years.

TOEIC full marks and passed the CFA Level 2 and FRM Part 1.

Stefano Chen has rich skills and experience in professional and teaching.

My daily lives include listening to music, focusing on the investment trend and understanding the trend of modern technology. I like to capture the trend and understand the most modern and fashionable products.

My expertise include finance trading, economics and English tutoring in all major language proficiency tests. I also enjoy learning new financial knowledge to broaden my horizons.

Professional experiences:

Graduated from National Taiwan University Finance Department, Finance Institute Risk Management Group.

Served as CMA at Cathay Pacific Bank and entered E.SUN Commercial Bank and Fubon Bank MA at the same time.

He also served as an English teacher at Liu Yi English Educational Institute, and is currently a full-time coach.

Special experiences:

Financial certificate: Passed Level II of the CFA Program, FRM Program–Passed Part I

Language certificate: TOEIC 990, passed the GEPT English advanced level

What Stefano Chen wants to say to students:

I hope that students can grow with me together and let us build your brilliant career and future together!