Ralph|IELTS & GRE Verbal Tutor

About me:

I grew up in Pennsylvania in the northeastern US and graduated from Emory University in Atlanta in the Southeast. Since then, I have lived and worked in Asia (South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand) as an academic English and exam preparation professional. Outside of work, I enjoy plant-based nutrition and distance running, in which I have completed several marathons and ultramarathons.


-English native speaker

-TEFL certification (CELTA)

-Princeton Review professional exam preparation training

-More than twenty years of experience in exam preparation teaching and materials design

-Able to score above 95th percentile in GRE and GMAT Verbal and Analytical Writing

-Former IELTS examiner for speaking and writing

-Authorship of original teaching materials and IELTS course books 

How can I help you prepare for the GRE and IELTS?

I take a systematic and rigorous approach to exam preparation teaching in which I provide students with precise step by step processes showing them how to manage all aspects of productive and receptive skills. This way of teaching test preparation shows students exactly what they need to do to reach their target score on test day, allowing for substantially improved outcomes impacting students’ future lives.