Physics & Calculus AB/BC

Are you being troubled by Physics or Mathematics? Although you have memorized formulas and key concepts, you still can’t ace the exams?

YC provides organized learning materials + 24-hour online problem solving.

You can ask as many questions as you want. We are ready to help students with all aspects of Physics and Mathematics.

Instead of relying on step-by-step solutions, you are able to think independently to solve test questions.


1. YC’s self-designed handouts help students establish basic concepts.

2. Self-made questions evaluate students’ understanding of core concepts. 

Ideal for

✔️ Students who do not have a strong understanding of basic concepts

✔️ Students who understand key concepts, but do not know how to apply formulas

✔️ Students who wish to benefit from customized course based on personal needs


Build basic concepts: 3-5 months (2 hours × 1day per week)

The entire course lasts 6 months (a total of 40-60 hours)

(The course will be designed just for you and the length of course depends on your level. Our tutor will assess your current level after the “online interview”.)

(Online private tutor costs between $60-$90/hour).