LeetCode Class: Brush Questions

LeetCode is one of the indispensable tools for preparing for software engineering interviews in the states. But with more than 2,000 questions in the database and a lot more to come, are you confused and unsure about where to start?

In this one-to-one class, we will guide you through the path of Computer Science(CS) interview, teach you how to prepare efficiently, and give you tips to help you ace a whiteboard interview.

Sheng-Hao’s experience:


  • Software Engineer, Google Tokyo, 2019 – 2021
  • Software Engineer, Google Taipei, 2015 – 2019
  • Software Engineer, Google Mountain View, 2013 – 2015
  • Executed more than 50 interviews in Google (as interviewer)


  • Master of Science, Software Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan University
  • Ranked in top 5% when graduating from NTU CSIE. Received presidential award 3 times.

Course content:

Leetcode solving and interview-oriented programming training:

Cover the top 12 topics in coding interview
The teacher classified Leetcode questions and identified the 12 most-frequent topics in coding interview. Therefore, you can systematically learn those topics to ace in interviews.

One-on-one / one-to-few teaching
Afraid of writing recursions? Have difficulties coming up with DP algorithms? Everyone has their own unique blind zones. one-on-one / one-to-few teaching addresses your need by designing the most relevant class materials and exercises.

Coding Interview is not (only) a programming contest
Coding interviews emphasize readability and code cleanness in addition to speed and correctness. Your goal is to write production-ready code. You will learn the correct mind-set to practice Leetcode problems in the course.

Abundant in-class and take-home exercises
In-class coding practices can help the teacher discover your blind zones and then assist you conquering them.

Mock interview:

Experience the “real” interview
The 1-hour session consists of 45 min English mock interview, covering algorithms and coding, and 15 min retrospection.

Discover weakness
The retrospection after the mock interview can help you understand your current strength and weakness, and the gap between what interviewers expect and what you deliver.

Practice is the only way to ease anxiety
Coding interviews expect you to “think out loud” – you need to explain your thought process while solving problems. Mock interviews familiarize you with the think-out-loud technique and therefore ease anxiety and build confidence toward the real interviews.

Suitable for:

  • Those who major in Computer Science(CS) or will soon graduate with a CS degree and want to apply for a full-time job or internship in the US
  • Non-CS graduates who desire to switch to a career in CS-related fields
  • Those who are interested in CS jobs and want to start with LeetCode but don’t know where to start

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