Coach Jonah|GRE Verbal Tutor

Jonah’s Teaching Achievements:

4 years one-on-one online teaching experience

Thorough understanding of the GRE Verbal section’s tricks and traps

Complete toolkit of strategies for students to achieve their ideal score

What Can Jonah Help You With?

I will help you to understand the basic logic of GRE Verbal questions, break it down from complex issues to something much more simple and digestible

I will help you to make the best guesses even if you don’t completely understand the information you are given in a question

I can give you tips for learning new vocab, not just cramming!

I can also help answer any questions you have about studying in the US

Who Am I?

I have a master’s degree in Chinese Literature from National Taiwan University and am currently studying for a PhD in East Asian Languages and Cultures at Harvard University.

Special Experiences:

GRE Verbal Score 168

What I Would Like to Say to my Potential Students:

When we are children, there is no difference between “playing” and “learning.” Only as we grow up do we begin to make a distinction, thinking that learning is agonizingly difficult and something that needs to be forced. However, if you can remember what it felt like as a kid to explore and discover the world, you can apply that feeling of joy and wonder to any experience. When you take classes with me, you will feel that the GRE is not a scary and inconquerable obstacle, but rather like a fun game or puzzle to solve and a great opportunity to learn something new about the world!