Jackie |GMAT/SAT Math Tutor


I’m a math tutor with ten years of experience. In only 10 lessons, I have helped my student increase the score from 27 to 45. In two months, I have helped my student score from 42 to 86 in high school math exams.

How to help you?

– Provide comprehensive self-made teaching materials. You will learn math concepts systematically to build a solid foundation.

– Develop personalized learning plans based on students’ performance to maximize benefits

– Help students review errors and weaknesses

About me

Having prepared for the GMAT, I understand your struggles very well.

With years of teaching experience, I know how to explain math concepts by means of an easy-to-understand illustration to students from different backgrounds.

I have studied and worked in a diverse environment, so I have many good friends from various countries.

Preparing for exams requires good studying methods and support.

I will show you how to solve problems and walk you through the exam preparation journey.

Your dream school awaits you!

Professional experiences:

Lecturer in well-known cram schools

Master of Science in Project Management at Northeastern University

Project manager in a multinational company

Special experiences:

Over 10 years of experience in tutoring junior and senior high school students in math. 90% of students’ scores have improved greatly.

Words for students:

If you are worried about how to prepare for the GMAT, feel free to talk to me! We can work out the most suitable study plan together to achieve your ideal score!