GMAT Verbal Tutoring

Are you still worried about getting stuck in GRE and GMAT Verbal questions?

Coach provides personalised learning packages and 24-hour online Q&A.

You can consult and discuss online at any time and the coach will be your personal learning instructor!

 Highlights of the course:

  1. Establish basic and important concepts based on handouts and grammar textbooks
  2. OG Practicing the mastery of the exam questions.
  3. Each version of the mock test practice + additional topic exercise + Full marks question type discussion.
  4. Pre-exam sprint – JJ past examination paper
  5. Pre-exam psychological tactical discussion

Suitable for:

Have experience in taking GRE and GMAT tests in the past, and hope to improve the score quickly.

Looking forward to one-on-one session and consultation with coach.

Class time:

One month of basic vocabulary and grammatical structure, basic question types training (twice a week for 2 hours)

1.5 months of thematic exercise explanation and past paper questions exercise (1.5 hours twice a week)

The entire course lasts about 3 months and the duration is about 30 hours.

(The length of the course is designed according to the students of different level, the coach will evaluate the level of the students after “online consultation”.)

(Online private tutor costs between $60-$90/hour).