CoreyExpert of English Teaching and Interpreting

Coach Corey’s coaching achievements:

What can Coach Corey help you with?

1. Coach Corey is competent in collecting real test questions and analyzing the latest trend of the tests.

2. Coach Corey designs his course tailored to each student’s foundation. In that, students with solid foundation are provided with synonyms, upper level sentence structures, and test trends, whereas students with weak foundation are taught to use templates and fixed lexicons at the outset.

3. Essays and compositions are meticulously revised and corrected with detailed explanation. This facilitates students’ improvements through the awareness of the subject’s drawbacks.

4. Part 2 in IELTS speaking is coached through the strategy of topic connection. In that, test items are categorized and sample responses are prepared beforehand, thereby leading to stress reduction of verbal output

Who is Coach Corey

Former IELTS trainer of Nanyang Street

Coach Corey was born and bred in Bronx, New York in the US. He moved to Thailand and studied in International School Bangkok, which belongs to the same system with Taipei American School in Tianmu.

Coach Corey returned to Taiwan in 2012

Other fortes of Coach Corey include Siamese cuisine and Traditional manipulative therapy (licensed)

Professional Experiences

Mental Health M.A., Yeshiva University

Supervised English Teaching Staff in Renowned Test Preparatory Agency

Subcontracted IELTS Trainer in Kang Chiao International School (Linkou Branch)

Special Experiences

IELTS (Academic Module): 8-8.5

TOEIC: 975

TESOL certificate

What Corey wants to say to students

Satisfying scores is interrelated to dedication and perseverance. However, correct method must be implemented so as to avoid surplus investment of time and effort.