Chloe Pham|IELTS Tutor

What can Chloe Pham help you with?

Language analysis is what I will highlight in my second language writing teaching because this can help students to see the differences between English composition and Chinese composition. The differences between English composition and Chinese composition ranges from content, structure, transitional and vocabulary use.

Apart from language analysis, what I will also highlight is extra practice and constructive feedback. I will give students constructive feedback after students do extra practice after class. Extra practice is integral because practice makes perfect and constructive feedback will be given based on individual needs and situations.

In IELTS, writing task 1 is data commentary or describing maps or diagrams, which means that it is a very fixed genre. In addition to understanding the genre, it is necessary to think about the corresponding vocabulary based on the given content.

IELTS writing task 2 is more challenging because test takers are required to answer the questions based on given instructions. The given instructions can be divided into six major types. In my class, I will guide you in terms of the given instructions, writing process (brainstorming, drafting, proofreading, editing and submission) and different perspectives based on the same topics.  

Who is Chloe Pham?

My name is Chloe Pham. I am a cat person and am currently having a pet cat. Apart from cats, I also enjoy photographing and doing wordsmith work, such as editing.

I am an English language teacher with a recognisable Australian degree and training. My expertise is second language acquisition and second language writing. I like English linguistics because I view English linguistic knowledge as a very useful way to understand the context and the culture in English speaking countries. Editing skills is one of my favourite parts. Instead of crossing out students’ mistakes and errors, editing skills can provide some alternatives in English writing. I think giving constructive feedback is part of a teacher’s expertise.

Professional experiences:

Master of Applied Linguistics (TESOL Specialization), the University of Melbourne

Candice GMAT/SAT Online Tutoring Company, Remote work from Melbourne – IELTS(A/GT) Writing & Speaking Tutor
Feb 2022 – Present
• Delivers customized IELTS Writing and courses
My Melbourne Tutor, Melbourne, Australia – VCE EAL/ESL, Japanese, Chinese Tutor
Feb 2022 – Present
• VEC EAL/ESL, and Japanese teacher

Djerriwarrh Community & Education Services, Melbourne, Australia— Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) Volunteer English Tutor
Oct 2020 – PRESENT
• IELTS (A)/ (GT), PTE and General English teacher 

Online After School English Writing Academy, Remote work from Melbourne — English Writing Teacher
June 2021 – PRESENT
• Online writing teacher

Special experiences:

IELTS (Academic Module) 7.5
Overall scores at the University of Melbourne: H2A (meet the requirements of PhD application)
Freelance thesis and content editor 

What Chloe wants to say to students:

Writing is a process that we need to discover ourselves. Teachers are the one to help st