Candice Scholarship Application Form

Congratulations on getting a high score on the GMAT/GRE/TOEFL/IELTS/SAT. Hard work pays off. We know that every student is trying their best. We will do whatever we can to motivate you to aim for a high score.


Total score of GMAT: Above 700

GMAT Quantitative score: Above 50; GMAT Verbal: Above 40; Improve more than 20 points in GMAT Quantitative or Verbal

Total score of GRE: Above 320

TOEFL: Above 110

IELTS: Above 7.5

Once you post your feedback, you can apply for the scholarship. We hope the scholarship can reduce your financial burden when studying abroad. Fill out the scholarship application form. We will contact you shortly to help you complete the scholarship application process.

Please note the following rules for the scholarship application:

1. We have noticed that a few students buy/download a bunch of materials without putting great effort in studying them. In order to let the reader read your feedback from the beginning to the end, please don’t write about materials in the first part.

2. Too many students rely on reading shared questions instead of memorizing the vocabulary and reading materials. Therefore, please write about “the skills you gain from the class” and “your own efforts” instead of the benefits shared questions.

3. Please send your feedback in a Word document.

4. Please attach a screenshot of your transcript.

5. If you don’t have a PTT account, you can ask your friend to post the feedback for you (Please add a note).

6. For posting an article on PTT GRE/GMAT, there is no limit to the number of log-in times. But you must make sure you can post articles.

7. For a bonus scholarship, you can post the feedback on PTT/IG/Dcard. It is optional, not compulsory. We will explain in details when awarding the scholarship.