Give your dream of study abroad a chance

Do you want to study abroad, experience international and dynamic campus life, and get yourself a better life through an open and diverse learning environment? But in any case, your GMAT, GRE, and SAT test scores are not good enough to apply the ideal school in mind. You are jealous of your friends’ good grades. They have even study happily in the good schools abroad and enjoy a rich campus life. Are you giving up on the effort you’ve put in the past few years? Is there no way to achieve your long-awaited dream?

If  you also have the following conditions:

  1. I haven’t studied mathematics for a long time, I forgot all about it, I don’t know where to begin or I was afraid of mathematics since I was little.
  2. I have attended a large-scale cram school, but I feel that the large-scale class system was ineffective to me, there is no time to ask a teacher questions I don’t understand.
  3. I did a few mock exams and failed repeatedly on the same questions. No one can I ask, and not even know how I got the questions wrong, the concept are all fuzzy.


Why is this, perhaps:

  1. Like many students that Mr. Candice had met, you are afraid of mathematics. Sometimes it’s because you’ve been learning math in the wrong way at an early age. You need a teacher who is patient and understands education to coach you slowly.
  2. You are not suitable to study in a large-scale class. Large-scale class teaching can’t give different guidance to students of different levels, some students may experience ineffective learning.
  3. You are always prepared alone to fight, try and make mistakes by yourself so that the efficiency is not good. If you have an experienced teacher to guide you in the right direction and study skills, ask question at any time when you have one, you will get better results.

So don’t be sad and don’t give up. It’s not that you are not taking it seriously enough or not trying hard enough. More often you are just missing out an experienced teacher to guide you. Mr. Candice had met many such students, some students who have been failing in mathematics since elementary school. After studied Mr. Candice’s special teaching material and her careful guidance, the students’ score progressing from Q35 to Q47. There are also students from university of technology studied through one-on-one tutoring, and eventually progressed to a high GMAT score of 760, and all successfully admitted to their dream university abroad.


Why Mr. Teacher Candice can help you:

Mr. Candice graduated from the Department of Mathematics of Kaohsiung Normal University, has a profound teaching skills. She graduated from the Department of Finance and Investment at the University of Bristol in the UK. She has also experienced what you are now preparing for the exam. She can empathise with the blind spots and the concern of the students may have. In the field of study abroad examinations, she has assisted more than 500 students to apply for  the world’s top 50 universities, she has rich experience to help you get through.

What are the courses you can choose:

At this stage, Mr. Candice’s team provides the following one-on-one online tutoring courses.

  1. GMAT Math and English
  2. GRE Math and English
  3. SAT
  4. Master of Finance and Business



If you want to get high scores like everyone else, please fill in the information below:

You can get a 30-minute onlineStrategies and Analysis Study Abroad Exam Preparationfor free. Mr. Candice will contact you personally to consult with your situation and give you the most professional advice, letting you know how long it will take to achieve the desired test result. Share the methods and skills to help you prepare the exams to admit the ideal school. Let the Mr. Candice help you and give yourself a better future.

P.S. If there are too many inquiries during the week, we will reply in order of the submitted date, please be patient, thank you.

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